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17th Oct 2021

Christmas toys that will stand the test of time

Laura Cunningham

Kids are kids…

…They’ll sometimes want on trend toys, branded items and things you already know will be a flash in the pan when they’re in your shopping basket.

If you’re after something they’ll hopefully love for years to come, we have some great ideas for you.

Sustainability isn’t just about buying wooden toys or gifts made of recycled materials – choosing toys that will be played with for years to come is far more friendly to the earth too.

1. A play kitchen

A good quality wooden kitchen will live in your home for years and years and can be passed down from child to child. They’ll have hours of fun playing lots of different imaginative games, and kitchens really encourage playing together too.

2. A musical instrument

No matter what age they are, there’s an instrument that will suit. Who knows, maybe you’ll spark a passion that will inspire a future musician.

3. Books

As parents, we often feel like our kids have too many toys or just too much ‘stuff’. But they can never have enough books. They’ll pick them up time and time again and be taken places in their minds and learn new things, every time.

4 Building toys

Any sort of building blocks that encourage free play and creativity will be brought out time and time again, like LEGO, Erector Sets or K’Nex, for example.

5 Craft supplies

The gift of an art set or craft supplies is the gift of creativity. There’s scope for dozens of play sessions from each little kit.

6. Games and puzzles

Family games that everyone can play together are a real winner. The best childhood memories are made when the family has fun together.

7 A balance board

Balance boards can be used as a slide, a bridge, a tunnel, a rocking chair or whatever your child’s imagination can come up with.

8 A beautiful doll

A great dolls makes a brilliant long-term toy and gift. They’ll inspire imaginative play, and also look cute on a bedroom shelf when they’re not being played with.

9 Wooden toys

Wooden toys are sturdy and will stick around long after the plastic toys have lost their sheen. They also make great décor items for kids’ bedrooms and, if it’s a gift for others kids, we can almost guarantee the parents in the equation will thank you for this one.

10 Sports equipment

A gift that encourages kids to get active and have fun is bound to be a hit, and a long-lasting one at that.


What have we missed? We’d love to hear your suggestions of evergreen toys that will be be enjoyed for years to come.