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22nd Mar 2021

You can now get an air freshener that smells like Penneys

Melissa Carton

We need this.

We haven’t had Penneys for the better part of a year now and we are really missing it.

There were brief periods in-between lockdowns but for the most part, rambling around Penneys has become a distant memory.

If you’d like to create the Penneys experience at home though, then you’re in luck as there is now an air freshener that is said to smell exactly like Penneys.

Yes it now seems that you can have the full scent of Penneys right in your own home or car with this new air freshener from

According to Luke Carthy who created the imissprimark website;

“you can reminisce and get ready for the reopening NOW with the fresh cotton scent of Primark stores and linen wafting through your home and car with this new and exclusive tee-shaped freshener.”

The website claims that the gorgeous Penneys scents lasts at least two weeks, so you can have the Penneys aroma for however long this lockdown is (fingers crossed not much longer).

While nothing can really replace a good browse around Penneys and let’s face it, buying a whole load of stuff that you just do not need, this air freshener is a good stop gap while we wait for them to reopen.

You can buy the air fresheners direct from the website but I’d get in there quick as they are selling out fast.

For the ultimate Penneys experience you can hang up your air freshener, stick on the sounds of people chatting and milling around, place some of your favourite Penneys bargains around you, close your eyes and just soak it all in.

Yes, this is the stage that we have gotten to. We really need Penneys (and just stuff in general) to open back up ASAP!