10 small, healthy habits to start this summer – that will end up slowly changing your life 2 years ago

10 small, healthy habits to start this summer – that will end up slowly changing your life

Small and steady wins the race.

Right now, we have lived through some pretty unprecedented eighteen months. Dealing with homeschooling and remote working and restlessness and stress and worries and maybe also, to many of us, new financial realities.

It has been full-on, I think we can all agree. So now is not the time, I argue, to feel pressured to take up a new hobby – unless you want to, of course, or excel at a project or feel like you need to develop some robust personal growth.

Sometimes, I reckon, it is often the small, often almost insignificant habit changes that end up having the biggest and most lasting impact on our lives. And that these can, right now, be things that we not only can focus some positive energy on, but that will also, in turn, end up being what helps us pull through this. Feel better about life. Worry less. Sleep more. Eat better. Feel more in control.

Sounds good? I know. I am so ready to make some changes too – and excited to see how they will help improve my life in the long run.

These below are all good habits to take up – ones that don't take too long, don't require too much effort, but that will still come to serve up some serious feel good vibes. And sure we could all do with more of that right now.

Are you ready?

1. Make your bed in the morning

It will not only make you feel like you are starting the day right, but will also make it so much nicer to get ready for bed in the evening, knowing you are crawling into a tidy, perfectly made bed.


2. Dry brush every morning

Ideally, get into the habit of doing this before you shower. Your skin will both feel and look better, and actually, skin brushing has proved to have tons of other health benefits too, from giving your lymphatic system a boost to helping you feel more awake in the morning.

3. Start your day with hot lemon water

After a long night's sleep, we all need to hydrate. And this is the very best way to do so. Trust me – you'll be hooked soon.

4. Don't check your phone the hour after waking up or the hour before you go to sleep


Your brain and mood and happiness levels will thank you for it. Maybe even your family too.

5. Subscribe to a yoga (or mindfulness) app

And get into the habit of setting aside an hour – or even just 30 minutes – a day for this. You will feel the benefits very soon.

6. Start taking a daily multivitamin tablet

Most of us aren't getting everything we need in terms of vitamins and minerals and essentials from our diet alone, so a good quality supplement is a great helper. Also – did you know you should be taking a vitamin D supplement every month that has the letter 'R' in it...?

7. Spend 15 minutes every afternoon with your legs up a wall

No, really. Google it. This has all sorts of benefits for your health.

8. Go to bed between 10 and 11 pm

Experts agree this is the ideal time to go to bed in terms of our circadian rhythm. And while you are at it, try to wake up at roughly the same time every morning too, you will find it easier to fall asleep that evening. 

9. Get sunshine (or just fresh air) every day – ideally first thing in the morning

We are basically just plants, and we need and thrive on sunlight and fresh air. Lack of it can lead to all sorts of health problems, both physical and mental.

10. Try one brand new healthy recipe every week

Not only is cooking great therapy, but by embracing new foods and new recipes, you are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone a little, and chances are, you'll end up eating healthier, more varied – and it might just spark a newfound love of healthy cooking.

What new habits are you taking up right now? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @herfamilydotie