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Children's health

28th Feb 2023

This 24/7 virtual healthcare plan is designed to make busy parents’ lives so much easier

Ann Cronin

Brought to you by Irish Life Health

When you have young kids, easy access to healthcare is so, so important.

Every parent knows that sore heads, sick tummies and high fevers can crop up when it’s least convenient.

Unexpected bugs and injuries are all too common and can take hold quickly, making it tricky to get a doctor’s appointment last minute. Plus, during those crucial early years, checking in on your child’s development and growth regularly can be reassuring for parents, making easy access to medical professionals so important for peace of mind too.

It goes without saying that your family’s health and well-being shouldn’t be constricted to a 9-5 schedule. That’s why Irish Life Health created MyClinic, an online hub offering phone or video access to the health professionals you need most – including GPs, nurses, speech and language therapists, physiotherapists and much more. In a nutshell, you and your family can avail of 24/7 virtual access to a wide range of clinical experts, making it so much easier to make your family’s health your number one priority.

Here are just some of the handy perks that make this virtual healthcare service so helpful for parents and kids…

Check-in on sore heads, sick tummies and other minor illnesses, 24/7

There are some common complaints that every family faces from time to time, from bumps and bruises to flu and fevers. Most of the time, these kinds of injuries or illnesses are minor and short-lived but, sometimes, it can be reassuring to get an expert’s opinion.

The MyClinic’s Nurse On Call service is a quick and convenient way to discuss any non-emergency medical mishaps with a registered nurse, giving you access to qualified professionals from the comfort of your own home, 24/7. For new parents and expectant mothers, the Nurse On Call service can also offer advice on general pregnancy queries or common pregnancy symptoms, and can even refer you to a midwife for more specialist issues.

Rapid injury treatment for sprains, strains or fractures

For happy healthy kids, fractures, sprains and sports injuries are often unavoidable. While these kinds of injuries are quite common and usually minor, they often do require medical attention.

Irish Life Health gives members access to 19 Minor Injury Clinics nationwide, which offer rapid access to treatment for sprains, fractures and other injuries. Open 365 days a year with no appointment needed, Irish Life Health customers can avail of unlimited visits to Minor Injury Clinics all over the country, saving you time and hassle when slips and scrapes happen. You can find your nearest Minor Injury Clinic through the MyClinic hub.

Keep up to date with your child’s development

Parents can turn towards Speech & Language Therapy for all kinds of reasons, whether it’s to address a particular concern about their child’s speech or simply check in on their progress. But often, services like these can have long wait times, making it tricky to get the prompt support you need.

Through MyClinic, Irish Life Health customers get fast and easy access to Speech & Language Therapy, to help ensure your child’s speech progress stays on track. Whether you’re investigating a particular issue or simply keeping tabs on your child’s progress, the service lets parents check in virtually with a team of registered paediatric speech & language therapists, all from the comfort of their own home.

If you want fast access to expert health advice, at a time and place that suits you, then check out Irish Life Health’s range of virtual health services with MyClinic.

MyClinic services available where covered on your plan and clinically appropriate. Age restrictions and terms and conditions apply.

Irish Life Health dac is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Brought to you by Irish Life Health