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24th Jan 2022

Sandra Kelleher shares touching tribute on her daughter’s 10th anniversary

Melissa Carton

“It’s hard to believe it’s been a decade.”

Ireland has one of the highest teen suicide rates in Europe but still, mental health is treated as a second thought in most regards.

Mum and founder of Shannon’s Helpline, Sandra Kelleher knows just how important the need for mental health education is and how few avenues young people have when it comes to accessing it.

After losing her 13-year-old daughter Shannon to suicide, Sandra has dedicated her life to making sure as many young people receive the help that they need.

Today marks the 10th anniversary of Shannon’s passing, for which Sandra penned a beautiful tribute.

“It is Shannon’s 10th anniversary today, its hard to believe it’s been a decade.

In those years I/we suffered greatly over such a tragic loss of a beautiful young soul, yet found some joys in between.

Going from a heartache I never thought I could get through to the hopeful, happier person I am today was unthinkable!

I am so very grateful for everything these days, my loved ones, Shannon’s Hopeline and all you supporters.

Hope is all some of us have, hold onto that and keep pushing through because people can and do come out the other side.

It is possible to heal and be happy again from a tragedy remember that. And if you’re stuck start the new year by reaching out for that helping hand .

We have one life, let’s make the most of it!

Loved and missed greatly Shannon who is never and never will be far from our thoughts.”

Life throws many things our way and when we’re young it is particularly overwhelming and difficult to deal with.

If you feel like you would like more information on mental health or have lost a loved one through suicide you can contact Shannon’s Hopeline at 014549256 or by email at