"Splitting Upward" is the new divorce podcast all single mums need to hear 3 years ago

"Splitting Upward" is the new divorce podcast all single mums need to hear

Going through a separation, splitting up a family, it is never easy, whether you were married or just happily cohabitating and raising your children.

And facing life as a single parent is no doubt both terrifying and probably also to many, a sense of relief at first, knowing you are coming out of what was probably a very difficult and painful time.

But if you are facing this now, feeling like you might just want to crawl into bed and never come out – know this: It is possible to feel happy again. You can move onwards and upwards – and getting there will now be a heck of a lot easier – thanks to this amazing new podcast, which really tells it like it is, while also reminding you that you can do this.

If this is you – being in the middle of a separation or divorce – or a 'conscious uncoupling' – you need to check out single mums, Julie and Jesenia, and their new podcast, Splitting Upward, on which they speak candidly about their post-divorce experiences.

On the show, the duo interview celebrities, experts, and answer listener questions about all the nitty-gritty aspects of being a single mum that you may be too embarassed to ask about, or not sure you feel ready to tackle yet.

In the first episode  host Julie tells her story including details on her divorce and her co-parenting situation. And it's a really solid reminder that we all experience a relationship breakdown differently and there really is no right way to do this.

All that matters is that you're doing what works for you – and your family.

There are episodes covering topics from budgeting as a single parent, to dating again and everything else in between – and really, we think they make for a really good listen when you feel that you just need a little boost and reminder that you are doing a great job – and that this too shall pass.