From teens to tots, Gym Plus has fitness classes for everyone in the family 3 years ago

From teens to tots, Gym Plus has fitness classes for everyone in the family

Looking for a way to keep the kids active this summer?

During the school year, my children are often running about and taking part in activities but the summer holidays can turn them into lazy couch potatoes.

If you fancy keeping the whole family fit then Gym Plus have just the classes for you.

Whether it's having fun in the swimming pool, learning new skills or taking part in a fitness class, children and adults can enjoy making new friends while keeping active and building confidence at Gym Plus.

Gym Plus has many unique offerings for the family to enjoy in their Swords club to help keep kids active.

The Kids-Fit class is specially designed to meet the unique fitness needs of children aged five to 12. Children stay fit through play and exercise, both competitive and non-competitive in nature.

My two children are currently under the age of 12 and I've never heard of gym classes for small kids before so this is definitely something that I would look into for them. We sometimes do family exercises in the back garden but I think they might be more interested in going somewhere with a full-sized pool.


There is also a specially designed Teen Fit class is aimed at ages 12-15 where participants perform a mix of physical activities including cardiovascular, strength and weight training exercises in a small group setting.

Family Fit is another very popular class at Gym Plus Swords. Each Family Fit class is designed to create a fun bonding experience for parents and guardians and their older children or teens.

The class is appropriate for all fitness abilities, classes may be challenging but participants can move at their own pace.

Family Fit is a great way to spend time together as a family and also encourages younger participants to develop lifelong fitness habits.

If you're interested in signing up or simply finding out more about family fitness at Gym Plus you can visit their website here.