This Is why you go to the toilet more when you have your period 3 years ago

This Is why you go to the toilet more when you have your period

When it’s that time of the month, a lot of things can happen – you can get back or stomach pain, you can find it difficult to keep your hormones in check and you can find yourself going to the toilet more often than usual.

First of all, it’s normal to find that your bowel movements are a little more regular at this time of the month and it happens to a lot of women.

Now, the people at Gross Science have revealed the reason why it happens.

Apparently it’s down to two chemical signals as presenter Anna Rothschild explains: prostaglandins and progesterone.

The first makes the uterus contract thus pushing out the lining, but it is likely that some non-conformist prostaglandins head over to your bowels and make them contract as well.


The latter, progesterone, is a hormone that has a constipating quality. However, the levels of it drop during your period, making things a little looser.

The video also answers two other questions, namely ‘What’s actually in period blood?’ and ‘Are humans the only animals that menstruate?’ You can check it out below.

Video: YouTube/Gross Science.

Like we said, this is completely normal. To find out more about what a healthy period is and what it says about your fertility, click here.