Toddler saved by supermarket workers after hearing mother screaming for help 2 months ago

Toddler saved by supermarket workers after hearing mother screaming for help

An unresponsive toddler's life was saved after supermarket workers quickly reacted after hearing a mum's frantic screams for help.

Three Asda workers in the UK were quick on their feet when they heard the calls from the panicked mum and immediately sprung into action, providing first aid to an 18-month-old who was unconscious and unresponsive.

The three have been praised for their actions after the baby was treated by paramedics at the store in Gateshead.

According to The Mirror, 39-year-old Laura Black was the first to arrive and provide life-saving care for the child after hearing the pleas from the mother.

She said: "All I heard was someone saying 'Can someone help me, help me, please' and I saw this lady cradling her son. My heart just sank, it really did.

"I got them into the first aid room and him onto the bed to assess the situation. He was non-responsive, but still breathing, although it was very shallow. I knew the situation wasn't great so I immediately dialed 999."

Her colleague Holly then took over on the phone while Laura continued to help save the toddler.

The child was overheated and they immediately began stripping off layers in order to get his temperature down and while a defibrillator was on hand, they thankfully didn't need to use it.

After turning the boy on his side, he immediately began crying and it came as a relief to all to know he was alert and conscious again.


The third worker, Clare, comforted the distressed mum throughout as they awaited emergency services to arrive.

After paramedics provided medication and checked him over, the little boy was given the all-clear to go home.

Now undergoing further tests and recovering from the ordeal, the boy is doing well and his mum has returned to the store to thank the three women for saving her son.


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