Non-models in Victoria's Secret swimwear? Day. Made. 7 years ago

Non-models in Victoria's Secret swimwear? Day. Made.

Donning Victoria's Secret swimsuits, six women embraced their bodies and celebrated the female form on a Malibu beach this week, causing a viral sensation. Why? Because they didn't feel forced to fit a projected ideal.

They joined in solidarity to love their bodies and banish the burdens of society. Skinny, fat, small, tall, ethnic and everything in between, women are unique, and they proved this.

There was no photo-shopping or heavy make-up applied, and the women were open about how the photo-shoot affected them.

There is motivation here for all of us:

Sheridan said: "You don't have to look like [a model] to wear a swimsuit. Do what makes you happy and you will be OK in the end".


Kirsten said: "Having airbrushed skin and zero fat doesn't make you beautiful, having confidence and radiating that confidence makes you beautiful - 'flaws' and all".


Lara said: "We may not all be models-  but, the world is a runway for all of us".



The ladies carefree fun-run inspires us to grab every chance at happiness and enjoy the skin we're in.

Nina said: "Don't compare yourself to the model. Very few of us are the model".


Allison said: "I think everyone should get photographed on a beach in a bathing suit at some point of their life. It is a fun experience [and] kind of helps you to get over any insecurities".


Kristin said: "When someone says something nice about you should believe them..."


Get down to Dollymount Strand or Keem Beach and pull your best Zoolander. We promise it will be worth it.

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