20 Autumn Inspired Baby Names For Your Little Pumpkin 3 years ago

20 Autumn Inspired Baby Names For Your Little Pumpkin

I had both my girls in Autumn. It is my favourite time of year, when the sun is low in the sky and casts a magical glow over the already crisp, golden leaves.

I remember hibernating with my daughters at this time of the year. We would just curl up on the couch, cosy and warm in front of the fire. I think it is a great time of the year to give birth. Although the evenings are dark early and you don't get out walking as much, it is a great excuse not to either! Then we emerged slightly more 'with-it' in time for Christmas! No matter what time of year you are having your baby, we LOVE these Autumn inspired names that manage to be both strong and soft at the same time.

From Scarlett to Willow, we hope you find some lovely ideas for your little harvest honey.

1. Amber

2. Auburn

3. Hazel

4. Jade

5. Olive

6. Ruby

7. Scarlett

8. Sienna

9. Apple

10. Birch

11. Laurel

12. Oak

13. Willow

14. Hunter

15. Forest

16. Autumn

17. Juniper

18. Linden

19. Raven

20. Rowan

Which of these autumnal names is your favourite?