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As if it wasn't challenging enough to pick one name for your imminent arrival, try adding another baby to the mix! 

According to HSE figures, there has been a whopping 36 per cent increase in the birth of twins in Ireland between 2004 and 2013, with the number of twin births rising steadily year-on-year.

Even with no twins in your immediate family, the chance of conceiving a double bundle of joy in a natural conception is one in 80. Add In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) into the mix and the chance of conceiving twins rockets to one in five.

Sidestep double trouble by browsing our pick of the sweetest names for boy/girl twins:

1. Aidan & Nadia: Rather sweetly, these two names are anagrams of each other.

2. Archer & Adelaide: Archer shot to popularity in 2014 but just like Adelaide, it's a traditional choice.

3. Bryant & Hudson: These New York-inspired names are a nod to the Big Apple. Fresher than the somewhat overused 'Brooklyn'.

4. Cosmos & Celeste: Two unique names inspired by astronomy.

5. Clara & Jasper: A vintage pair that are just as charming today as they were in the 1900s.


6. Florence & Flynn: Singer Florence Welsh is a famously musical red head, while Flynn means 'son of a red haired man' - perfect for a ginger duo.

7. Harlow & Harvey: These names might be trendy but they're unusual enough to go the distance.

8. Hugo & Elodie: Two French names for your petits enfants.

9. Eleanor & Atticus: The perfect choice for bookish folk, the two are a nod to the characters of Rainbow Rowell and Harper Lee.

10. Perry & Pearl: A gender-neutral choice, Perry is a modern option for a boy. Pearl is the birthstone for the month of June.

Do you have twins amongst your brood? How did you choose their names? Let us know on Twitter @HerFamilydotie.





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