20 cute baby names with equally adorable abbreviations 3 years ago

20 cute baby names with equally adorable abbreviations

A huge trend at the moment is abbreviated baby names - and we can see why.

Last week we got the news that Kim Kardashian had her third baby via surrogate and decided to name her Chicago West with the vision of calling her "Chi" for short, pronounced as "Shy".

And as that news broke, many took to social media to discuss the name, some loved it, some hated it but almost everyone loved the versatility in being able to shorten the name into something else.

With that in mind, we got our thinking caps on and decided to put together 20 beautiful baby names alongside their equally beautiful abbreviations for you to choose from.



  1. Victoria (Vicky, Vic, Tori)
  2. Alexis (Lexi, Al, Alex)
  3. Elizabeth (Lizzy, Elle, Beth, Betty, Liz, Libby)
  4. Jennifer (Jenny, Jen, Jay)
  5. Isabella (Bella, Izzy, Belle)
  6. Julianna (Julie, Anna, Ann, Jules, Julia)
  7. Olivia (Liv, Livia, Olive)
  8. Abigail (Abbie, Gail)
  9. Katherine (Kat, Cathy, Ríona)
  10. Sophia (Soph, Fi, Sophie)


  1. Theodore (Ted, Teddy, Theo)
  2. Richard (Rich, Richie, Dick, Dickie)
  3. William (Will, Willie, Bill, Billy)
  4. Oliver (Ol, Ollie)
  5. Leonardo (Leo, Lenny, Leonard, Len)
  6. James (Jay, Jimmy, Jamie)
  7. Robert (Rob, Bob, Bobby, Robbie)
  8. Charlie (Charles, Chad, Chuck)
  9. Johnathan (Johnny, John, Nate, Jack)
  10. Michael (Mike, Mickey, Mick)