For €2.99/month, Revolut Plus now includes the full Revolut Junior experience for those savvy little financiers 3 months ago

For €2.99/month, Revolut Plus now includes the full Revolut Junior experience for those savvy little financiers

Brought to you by Revolut Plus. 

If there's one thing we wish our parents had taught us more about, it's money.

Spending, saving, and scrimping when you need to - all necessary life skills, all things that so many of us are still struggling to manage in adulthood.

If only we had had more experience as finances in our younger years. Imagine we had been trusted to spend our pocket money, while also learning about the importance of saving and budgeting at the same time?

Enter Revolut Junior, a new experience from Revolut Plus designed entirely for kids.

Revolut Junior is an account, card, and app that allows children to control their own money in a way that is educational and, most importantly, safe.

The idea is simple: sign up for Revolut Plus where you'll gain access to a whole host of new features, including two Revolut Junior accounts. Download the app to your child's phone, order a card, and that's it! They're all set up to start spending - and learning - about money in a healthy and fun way.


The app has been adapted especially for kids to make managing money fun. With the help of their parents, things like saving up their pocket money and understanding budgeting will be a piece of cake.

The Tasks and Goals features allow parents to set jobs for their kids and reward them when they’re completed. Chores like cleaning the bedroom, helping with the shopping, and finishing homework can now be rewarded via the app.

Revolut Junior cards can't be used with most age-restricted merchants, and parents can receive instant alerts to see how and where their children are spending their money online and through contactless payment.

Revolut Junior also allows parents to freeze and unfreeze their children's cards easily, a handy way to manage their spending while still allowing them the freedom to carry their own card. They'll even be able to pick what colour card they want from a cool selection of shades - amazing!

Revolut Plus is available to all Revolut customers and to existing paid plan Premium and Metal subscribers with theft and cover limits running from €1k, to €2.5k, to €10k a year. Customers will be able to spend online with virtual cards, while parents and guardians can teach their kids money skills with access to up to two junior Revolut accounts.

For more information on Revolut Plus and how it's going to make life a lot easier for you, click here