WATCH: The trailer for The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel is here 2 years ago

WATCH: The trailer for The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel is here

One of America's strangest cases.

The Cecil hotel is known for having a dark history, being a spot troubled with murders, suicides and at one time being the home to serial killer Richard Ramirez, AKA the Night Stalker.

All that being said one case involving the Cecil hotel that sticks out in the minds of most people only occurred a couple of years ago and it has left a question lingering in the minds of many.

What really happened to Elisa Lam?

I remember watching the elevator footage of Elisa Lam back when it was released to the public in 2013.

While nothing gruesome happens in the footage it still makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable to watch.

During the short footage Elisa Lam can be seen entering the elevator and trying to hide. She also tries to get the elevator to move with not success. She then starts looking outside the elevator and moving her arms like she's trying to touch something invisible. Eventually she leaves the elevator (which then oddly begins to work again).


Several days later Elisa Lam was discovered in the water tank of the Cecil after guests started to complain that the water was coming out a dark colour.

Netflix this week announced a new four-part documentary series based on the strange death of Elisa Lam called The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel.

The series will look at college student Elisa Lam's bizarre disappearance and try to figure out if it was all a tragic accident or if someone else was involved in Elisa ending up in the water tank.

The series will also dive into the rest of the hotel's dark history and its ties to other famous deaths including that of Elizabeth Short also known as The Black Dahlia.

The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel will premiere globally on February 10, 2021. You can check out the trailer below, or by clicking here.