The 6 key reasons why we reckon this is Ireland's best-value uniform 2 years ago

The 6 key reasons why we reckon this is Ireland's best-value uniform

Brought to you by F+F at Tesco

Look, we get that it's only July.

And yes, the kids have only recently finished for another year.

But as mums we also know that considering the September term starts, well, starts right about now.

Which is why we're all about school uniforms at the moment.

We have say too that the F+F range at Tesco is pretty much spot on for what we're looking for. On that note, here are the six reasons why we love it:

1) Durable

Your child's school attire will go through A LOT. Jumpers used as goal-posts; grass stains on shirts, and running, jumping, skipping in shoes - it's all-go for a humble uniform. Tesco has shower-resistant jackets and trousers with reinforced knees, as well as stain-resistant skirts and scuff-resistant shoes, meaning F+F uniforms will see them right through the year. That and adjustable waistbands allow for growth-spurts too.

2) Affordable

There are enough bills to worry about come September; from books, to registration fees and after-school activities, it's an expensive month. At least F+F's uniforms are incredible affordable. A pack of two polo shirts, for example, is priced from just €3. Two pairs of trousers are priced from €9, with shoes for boys and girls costing from €19.50 and €16.50 respectively. Meanwhile, girls long-sleeved shirts costs from €4.50, with pinafores priced at €6.

3) Looks great

We found the F+F uniforms to be a great fit with a really premium look and feel. In fact, Tesco says it has improved the styles and cuts on the entire F+F school range based on feedback from mums in previous years. Meaning your little darlings will be dapper and smart come September.

4) Widely available 

Thankfully, a grand total of 89 Tesco stores nationwide are currently stocking the F+F uniform range - meaning you can pick up everything that's needed to get the kids back to school in one go.

5) Easy care

Uniforms will inevitably be washed, rewashed, and washed again numerous times over the course of the year. And every mum knows that the morning school-run is as hectic as it gets. Which is why we applaud F+F easy-care finish - a feature on many of F+F's shirts: machine-washed and tumble-dried with fewer creases for easier ironing. Hurrah!

6) Everything is included

Everything meaning everything. Yup, it's not just shirts and trousers. Tesco has underpants, bags, shoes, socks, cosy outerwear, and jumpers in seven different colours. Sorted.