Mother-in-law insists on drinking tea while holding her 5-month-old grandchild 7 months ago

Mother-in-law insists on drinking tea while holding her 5-month-old grandchild

We completely understand this mother's point of view.

When you're a new mum, it's safe to say you will wrap your baby in cotton wool to keep them safe. We do it with all of our kids, but when you're a first-time parent, you're extra careful.

That's why this mum has taken to an online forum to ask if she's being unreasonable to ask her mother-in-law not to drink hot tea when she's holding her 5-month-old.

The user wrote:

"I thought this seemed like a reasonable request but every single time she sees him she tries to hold him and drink a cup of tea. Every single time I ask her not to incase she spills some by mistake or he knocks it out her hand by accident.

"My baby is now 5 months but she has done this ever since he was born and last time I saw her she made a snidey remark about me being too precious to let her have tea and hold him.

"I just dont think its worth the risk but being made to feel like I'm being ridiculous and actually anxious when we see her because I know she will attempt to try and do it even though every single time I ask her not to."

An influx on mums replied to the post, saying that she is not being unreasonable and should just keep her baby away when her mother-in-law is drinking tea.

One said:

"Don't let her hold him while she has a cup. Just don't hand him over or don't make the tea.

"I'd be the same, it's not worth the risk. My dad had a cup of tea spilled on him as a child and he has full scarring on 60 percent of his arm now. Just because she hasn't spilt so far doesn't mean it can't happen!"

While another commented:

"Maybe blame the baby a bit so she doesn’t think you are saying she’d be careless. He flails about so much he knocks everything over. I don’t understand her comment either she is holding and interacting with her grandchild or drinking tea. She doesn’t need to do both simultaneously."

What would you do in this situation?