My mum has compromised immunity so I can't visit her this Mother's Day 11 months ago

My mum has compromised immunity so I can't visit her this Mother's Day

It's going to be a very strange Mother's Day.

The spread of COVID-19 has affected all of our lives in one way or another.

Whether it's parents learning to juggle home-schooling with their normal tasks, or others concerned about how the shut down will affect their jobs, even aside from worry about the virus itself we're all worried.

For me however it is COVID-19 itself that has changed things for me in a big way this year, in particular in regards to my mother.

My mother has had chronic illnesses all of my life but two years ago things took a turn for the worst when she was diagnosed with cancer.

While she has recovered from her original diagnosis she is still undergoing treatment which has weakened her immune system. Even when my children had chicken pox we had to avoid her as it could have developed into something worse for her if she caught it.

Even before she was diagnosed with cancer she developed shingles after already having caught chicken pox twice before.

Due to her compromised immunity and our uncertainty as to whether we could be carrying COVID-19 or not neither my children or I will be able to visit my mother this Mother's Day, a fact that's not very easy to deal with right now.


Last year we were both very excited to attend Paint and Prosecco. My mam used to work as an art teacher so I knew it would be right up her alley.

This year however there will be no cocktails or prosecco or painting, instead all I can do is order her flowers to be delivered to her door.

I'm my mother's only child making the fact that I can't visit even harder. Luckily I know she won't be completely alone as she lives with her partner but it's just a small consolation.

What makes it even more difficult is not knowing when it will be safe to visit again. Her birthday is in April, will it be safe then? Who knows?

I know I'm far from the only person unable to visit their mother this mother's day due to COVID-19 but hopefully this will be the only Mother's Day we have to be parted that that next Mother's Day will be that extra bit sweeter for it.