Parents discuss when they knew they were finished having children 3 years ago

Parents discuss when they knew they were finished having children

Did you know when you were done?

Having children is different for everyone. Some want big families and others might just want one child.

One mum was interested to find out when other parents were happy to stop having children.

She wrote:

"I'm wondering why those who have one or two children decided to stop at that number, and if they would have liked more? (if it was a conscious decision and not due to medical reasons).

"Did you feel complete after one or two? It's different for everyone and I'm on no way suggesting that those with smaller families aren't complete or are missing out. Number of children is a very personal thing and I'm interested to know how people reach their decision to stop having children."

Many mums replied to the thread with their different stories and it was very interesting to find out people's reasons.

One said:


"I planned for 2 , and seconds after the birth of my DC2, I had a fleeting pang that that was the last time I'll experience birth.

"I just knew."

While another wrote:

"We have 2. I’d love one more but I know we are done because in a practical and financial sense it would be really silly to have another for us. So it’s more head over heart being ‘done’."

And one mum added:

"Well I wanted 3 but have 2 because my second pregnancy was very difficult. I didn't feel done at all and was very broody. And then suddenly I basically felt done almost overnight and the thought of another child makes me come out in a cold sweat."

When did you know? Are you still not sure?