Sure Sitter add new features to give parents even more peace of mind 3 months ago

Sure Sitter add new features to give parents even more peace of mind

Finding a baby sitter isn't always easy.

When I was growing up it was pretty commonplace for one of the neighbourhood teenagers to do most of the babysitting around the area.

Nowadays parents are a lot more wary of who they choose to look after their children and one Irish business helps to make finding the right baby sitter a lot easier.

Sure Sitter is a service that helps parents locate safe babysitters, child minders and au pairs in their area.

Founded by mums Sinead Asple and Paula Reilly it aims to give parents peace of mind and they only added to that recently with their new features.

Sure Sitter have recently introduced a new payroll service. By law when you hire a childminder or au pair you become their employer and this service makes it a lot easier for parents to manage payrolls, especially those who may not have had to before.

The complexity and administrative work associated with managing payroll and HR issues can seem very daunting to parents and can result in a lot of childminders being paid cash, which in the long run can be a huge disadvantage for childminders. It is also something that Revenue could start to clamp down on at any stage.

Sure Sitter's payroll service will ensure that parents remain compliant with Revenue and meet their statutory obligations as an employer, saving time and stress.

They will prepare employment contracts, complete registration with Revenue, calculate all taxes, issue pay slips and complete all required returns.

I do not have a head for numbers so if I were ever to hire a child minder in the future I would find this so useful.

As well as their new payroll service Sure Sitter has made another important change.

The website recently introduced ID-verification whereby users (parents and sitters) can verify their identity online using their passport or drivers licence.

If a user has completed the check their profile will display an ID-verified badge. Our aim with this is to enhance the safety for all our users and we are the only platform in Ireland completing this check.

Choosing the right person to look after our children can be worrying but with these new features we can feel even safer in the knowledge that our children are in good hands.