Wife complains about husband drinking this many glasses of wine 5 years ago

Wife complains about husband drinking this many glasses of wine

A woman has taken to a parenting forum to complain about her husband getting "glassy-eyed" after drinking three glasses of wine one evening.

The Mumsnet user, known only as RaisonableLady, wrote that she was annoyed because her fella drank three glasses of wine while they were having a quiet night in.

The pair were watching Masterchef and It Takes Two. 

She said:

"So last night I got home at 7 and DH (Dear Husband) was on his first large glass of white.

"He had 2 more by the time I took the kids up to bed at about 8.45. He wasn't argumentative but - as DCs (Dear Children) correctly pointed out - he was being blummin annoying... wittering on about nonsense, glassy-eyed...

"It was an ordinary week-day evening. I wasn't drinking, so he was drinking alone - (I don't have much - which I know colours my view). He hadn't finished work for the week - he wasn't celebrating anything - we were all just watching It Takes Two and Masterchef.

"Unsurprisingly, he fell asleep, snoring loudly, on the sofa before 9.30.

"Help!! I just don't understand the point of downing 6 units of alcohol on your own... But then he's not necking a whole bottle, doesn't do it every night... Thoughts welcome."

The woman also prefaced her post by saying that she knows many people suffer with "serious alcohol issues" and that she knows she's not "in the same boat" but she still wanted advice.

And, of course, Mumsnet gave it to her.

"He's a grown up. It's not a huge amount. So he prattled on a bit then fell asleep. What's the panic?" said one user.


"Maybe he just fancied a couple of drinks? Not really getting the problem," said another.

Someone else went so far as to suggest that the woman was being "controlling."

They said:

"So what? I think you're being a bit controlling, to be honest. Why shouldn't he have a few glasses of wine if he wants to?"

Others, however, understood the user's frustrations.

"What a waste of time," said one person.

"It's worth checking what else is going on," wrote another.

It has not yet been confirmed what RaisonableLady plans to do about her situation, but it's probably not unlikely that she won't be taking to Mumsnet with her queries again.