Lillet is a rosé aperitif that you can spritz - and we've found our new summer drink 2 years ago

Lillet is a rosé aperitif that you can spritz - and we've found our new summer drink

As soon as the sun comes out, we're mad for a spritz.

Ever since the Aperol washed a tide of bright orange joy into our lives a couple of years back, we've been big fans of anything that can be spritzed. Step forward our newest summer favourite: Lillet.

The first thing you need to know about Lillet is that it's pronounced 'Lee-lay' (so, no, not like the similar looking tampon brand moniker). The second thing that you need to know is that Lillet is only 17% ABV, which means that we can sip it all day long while we laze in the back garden.

Thirdly, and most importantly, you need to know that it comes in a rosé. Yes, that's right, a rosé that's made for spritzing, which basically makes it the winner of a) summer and b) Instagram.

Though it's relatively new to the Irish market, the aperitif was actually created in a small village south of Bordeaux well over a century ago! It's made by infusing red and white wines with fruit, fruit peels and barks to create a fruity flavour (a good point of difference for those who don't enjoy the bitterness of many other aperitifs).

It comes in three varieties: Lillet Blanc and Lillet Rouge, which are matured in oak casks for several months, and Lillet Rosé which is bottled straight away for a lighter taste. The official tasting notes describe it as having "a lush fruity nose with tastes of ripe summer berries, wildflowers, melon and stone fruit, as well as traditional sweet and citrus notes".


To make the Lillet Rosé Spritz, simply add 50ml of it to 100ml of tonic water and plenty of ice cubes in a large glass. A lime wedge and strawberries are the recommended garnishes if you want to make it Insta pretty.

We've also had it as a frozé cocktail, and if you have the skills to put one of those together at home it's well worth the effort.

Lillet is available from off licences across the country, priced at €26. Right now, a promotion at O'Briens will get you a 750ml bottle of Lillet Rosé plus 500ml of Fever Tree Tonic for €25.

Always drink responsibly.