Four quick and easy breakfast recipes that the entire family will love 2 months ago

Four quick and easy breakfast recipes that the entire family will love

You'll love these TikTok trending breakfast ideas ..

Whether you're rushing to get the kids ready for school, racing out the door for work or working from home with a toddler - every morning routine is different.

But, one thing we all have in common is that we could all do with a little extra time.

These breakfast recipes will not only impress everyone in the family, they'll also save you much needed time in the morning.

McDonalds McMuffin dupe.

We love a good McDonalds breakfast and it's even better when we can make it at home with healthier ingredients.

This is a fantastic meal suitable for prepping well in advance. You can easily bulk cook and freeze them so you've breakfast ready each morning for the entire week.

There's next to no effort involved and the kids will absolutely love them!

Take a look at this -

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The Kim K inspired chia pudding.

This simple breakfast recipe is ideal for eating on the go.

If you're catching a bus to work or you like to eat when you get there - this is the perfect meal for you.

It's packed full of protein and tastes so good!

All you need are a few glass or plastic re-useable containers, chia seeds, fruit of your choice, milk, protein if you want and then you're good to go.

Check this out it is genius.

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Mmmm raspberry breakfast cookies.

Having a cookie for breakfast is a child's dream, let's be real, but not all cookies need to be the unhealthy kind.

These porridge oat cookies are ideal for kids in the morning. Using only four ingredients and taking just 15 minutes to cook, the breakfast cookies will change your morning routine for sure.

Plus, they're easily changed up.

If you find you or your children are getting bored of the same stuff, change it up and add some dark chocolate chips or some cinnamon to the cookies, it makes a big difference.

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Family sized breakfast casserole.

Although this meal may take a little longer to prepare, it's very much a hearty breakfast that will keep everyone in your home happy and full for the day.

Using few ingredients you can make an entire breakfast casserole in 20 minutes.

Again, it's a perfect recipe to meal prep either the night before for a family breakfast in the morning or for the whole week.

The kids will love it, you'll love it and there's no stress involved.

We love recipes like this because you can change ingredients to suit you. If sausage meat isn't your thing, try turkey mince?

Maybe you want to get those veggies in so add some mushrooms and peppers - easy as that.

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