Emmerdale's Louisa Clein hints at a massive twist as Maya Stepney is exposed 4 months ago

Emmerdale's Louisa Clein hints at a massive twist as Maya Stepney is exposed

Emmerdale's Big Night Out is almost here.

The special episodes are set to see a bunch of the villagers head out for a night on the tiles, before things soon turn chaotic - and many of the characters experience life-changing events.

And while fans may not find out the full story of what went on that night until a few weeks later, we do know one thing for certain: Maya and Jacob are going to get caught.

The pair are said to be found out by one of three characters - Tracy Metcalfe, Priya Kotecha and Leyla Harding.

Louisa Clein, who plays Maya, explained to Metro that the person who catches them goes on to tell the others - sparking a reaction of "unbelievable fury".

She said:

"One of the girls catches Maya and Jacob and goes and tells the others.

"The reaction of the girls is one of complete and utter shock, then comes an unbelievable fury. There is also the sense of guilt that they have let him down, that they’ve been played by Maya.

"They start piecing together the previous months and suddenly it all fits.

"Because of their characters, they all react in different ways but they all have their own personal agenda as to how they would like to deal with Maya."

Considering the trailer for the Big Night Out episodes shows Maya covered in blood and Leyla slamming her fists in anger and looking pretty enraged...

Well, we don't think "how they would like to deal with Maya" is going to be too peaceful.

Louisa added she reckons Maya "really did naively believe" that she and Jacob would live happily ever after - and that she hadn't really expecting to get caught.

She explained:

"I don’t think she has been expecting to get caught or preparing for the event. She really did naively believe the plan they had which was to wait for Jacob to finish school, become public and say nothing happened whilst he Maya was his teacher.

"They would live happily ever after and she believes that could work. Suddenly the reality of it all coming out triggers pure fear, panic and self-defence."