Fans fear for Sinead Tinker as she finishes her cancer treatment on Corrie 6 months ago

Fans fear for Sinead Tinker as she finishes her cancer treatment on Corrie

Last night's Coronation Street was an emotional one as Sinead Tinker finally completed her cancer treatment.

The young mum finally got to go home, marking the milestone with a ceremony at the hospital.

She proudly read out a message and rang the hospital bell as her husband Daniel Osbourne and patients and staff looked on.

"I ring this bell for all to hear, how strong I've been despite the fear.

"I thank those for their support along the way.

"My treatment's over, now cancer - please stay away."

Back at home, Sinead was overjoyed to be putting her treatment behind her.

"It's only just sinking in I don't have to go back there and have things poked in me," she said.

"Well, for now anyway.

"Now, no more cancer or hospital talk."

The scenes struck a chord with viewers, though some worried that this wasn't the end of Sinead's troubles.

We're praying that Sinead has managed to beat the illness.

Sinead was diagnosed with cervical cancer last autumn while she was pregnant.

She kept her illness a secret at first, fearing that she would lose the baby.

She gave birth to baby Bertie in an emergency C-section at 27 weeks back in January.

The young mum then underwent gruelling chemotherapy and radiotherapy before finishing her treatment with Brachytherapy.

The storyline was developed with the help of Mummy's Star, a charity that supports women who suffer with cancer in or around pregnancy, reports the Manchester Evening News.

Actress Katie McGlynn, who plays Sinead, and co-star Rob Mallard (Daniel) have become patrons for the charity.