Coronation Street to air illegal skin bleaching storyline in upcoming episodes 5 months ago

Coronation Street to air illegal skin bleaching storyline in upcoming episodes

Coronation Street are to air an illegal skin bleaching storyline in upcoming episodes.

The plot will see 14-year-old Asha Alahan order illegal bleaching cream online in an attempt to make her skin look lighter.

The teenager, played by Tanisha Gorey, will decide to procure the dangerous products to try and make her skin look more white when she decides that she doesn't want to "look Indian" anymore.

Asha will be unaware that such creams can contain harmful and toxic chemicals and that her health could be at risk as a result of using them.

According to The Sun, the soap will have Asha order the dangerous products online in a bid to raise awareness of the harm that people can do themselves by bleaching their skin.

ITV will work closely with the British Skin Foundation to accurately portray the dangers of skin bleaching in the hope of deterring young people from doing it.

"There is no safe way to lighten your skin, no matter what you might be told or read on a bottle," said skincare research scientist Sujata Jolly.

"You cannot go beyond what you are without risking your health."

Jolly said that the issue of skin bleaching has been getting worse in the UK, as she sees more and more people who have damaged their skin by using illegal products.

"I am now contacted every week by people who have badly damaged their skin by using bleaching creams," she told the publication.

"Many are in their 20s and for some of them, the damage can be corrected. But others have skin that is beyond repair, broken and bleeding.

"Others, who I cannot treat, are those with problems such as kidney or liver failure. Hopefully by shining a light on this issue, Coronation Street will help raise awareness and encourage young people to think more carefully before going down this path."