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23rd Apr 2018

This hack for melting butter will LITERALLY change your life

Game changer.

Niamh Maher

We’ve finally settled the ‘Great Butter Debate’.

We posed a simple question this week… where do you keep your butter?

An online debate sparked our interest in this divisive subject (which you can read more about here), we decided to hold a Twitter poll to settle it once and for all, although we were sure it would be fairly one-sided.

The ‘on the counter’ brigade surprised us for sure!


Still… a resounding victory for the fridge aficionados.

So if you, like 69% of those surveyed, DO keep your butter in the fridge we all know how irritating it is when we have to spread that butter and it is like a block of ice.

Have no fear… we found the perfect butter hack thanks to the One Pot Chef Show on Youtube, a warm glass… so EASY.