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19th Dec 2018

Awww: Harry Redknapp is donating his jam roly polys to the homeless

Jade Hayden

Harry Redknapp has said he’s going to donate all his jam roly polys to the homeless this Christmas.

The I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here winner said that since he emerged victorious from the Australian jungle, he has been inundated with roly polys from friends, family, and fans alike.

The sheer level of roly polys has become so severe that Harry said he needs to do something with them – so he’s going to give them to a homeless shelter.

How thoughtful.

The former football manager told The Mirror that he was sure the shelter would enjoy his roly polys.

“Everyone is sending me jam roly-poly puddings. I’m waiting for someone who makes them to ask me to do an advert,” he said.

“What we will do Thursday night is take them and give them to the homeless.

“Hopefully, Sandra will be able to cook some as there is a place where they get a dinner on a Thursday night – so we will take it to those guys, I think they will enjoy that.”


Such a selfless act.

Redknapp admitted his love for roly polys when he was in the jungle, consistently talking about how much he wanted one of the sweet cakes between his lips.

His desires were eventually met when he was presented with a roly poly during a reward banquet.

He was pretty happy about it.