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07th Dec 2023

Mum hailed as ‘genius’ for preparing Christmas dinner a month in advance

Christmas Dinner

This way she can avoid slaving over a stove on the most special day of the year!

One mum has been applauded for sharing that she prepares her Christmas Day dinner one month in advance.

This approach not only means she will be stress-free on the big day, but she will beat the hectic supermarket queues in December.

When November rolls around, you’ll likely find TikTok user, Charlotte Crouch (@charlottescrunchymama), leisurely perusing the supermarket aisles buying Christmas dinner ingredients.

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In a clip on the video platform, she began explaining her process: “Firstly, have you been to a shop before Christmas? Those few days before Christmas, they are manic.

“I’ve done the whole going in at 5 o’clock in the morning, and the queues are up the aisles. I’ve gone late in the day, there are queues up the aisles. People just go nuts.

“But if you go in November, they’re just normal. So I can get my King Edwards potatoes and make sure they’re the potatoes that I prefer to do it with.”

When we say that this mum starts her Christmas dinner early, we don’t mean vegetable prep or table settings, we’re talking the whole nine yards.

@charlottescrunchymama Replying to @Dee dont use a microwave and then your all good! #makeaheadchristmas ♬ original sound – Charlotte Crouch

After Charlotte has completed her food shop, she makes ‘every part of the roast dinner from scratch’.

“So, normally I make pretty much 90 per cent from scratch, but I might buy instant gravy. For Christmas dinner that is not gonna cut it.”

The final step of her early Christmas dinner routine comes with the biggest reward: Avoiding all of that Christmas dinner wash-up.

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The mum, much like in other households, says she spends so much time prepping, cooking, and then washing everything, all before she has even gotten to ‘tins, and the plates and the cutlery’ from the meal itself’.

“Thirdly, it saves on all the washing up!” she said, before sharing the reason why she prepares early: “I will also be putting, on Christmas Day, my stuff into disposable tins. It’s the only time I ever do it, but I do it because I then spend time with my kids.

“Because I want my kids to remember Christmas Day, me being with them, and not me just being in the kitchen.”

@charlottescrunchymama The only time of year i am suoer orgainised! #makeaheadchristmas ♬ Lovin On Me – Jack Harlow

Charlotte not only shared the idea of prepping for the festive dinner a month ahead of schedule, but she also post step-by-step videos of how to keep certain Christmas dinner staples fresh and delicious for the day.

Her series include everything from roast potatoes to desserts, with tips on how to make sure they are perfect for consuming a month later.

Many viewers, who tuned in to her clips last year, have returned to say they will be stealing the hack this year.

“After seeing your vid. Me and mum are gonna do this a week before Christmas !! I have the smallest kitchen so the less prep on Xmas day the better !!” one wrote.

“I am going to try what you have done with the potatoes it will save time,” another added.

“This looks good! I’d never thought of making it way in advance!” one user commented.

“I did this as well yesterday as I ain’t cooking a whole meal on Xmas day for 10 people it’s my Christmas too,” a fourth added.

“I was just thinking about your videos last year and how I should start prepping coz it made things so much more relaxed,” another user commented.