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11th Jan 2016

The travel mug that heats your coffee on the go

Ever sit down to enjoy that long-awaited caffeine fix to find your coffee has gone cold? Horrors such as these could be a thing of the past if a twenty-one-year-old student has anything to do with it. 

Bianca Polizzi has invented a travel mug that heats your beverage on the go at the flick of a switch.

Pot noodle

The Bath university student’s rechargeable Kettle Kup boils up to 300ml of water in minutes, then you simply add a teabag or a sachet of java, both of which can be stored in a handy compartment within the cup.

“I was having a bad day when I got the idea. I’d been out late the night before and overslept. I had to rush to catch my bus and didn’t have time for coffee. On campus I spent £6 on cappuccinos and that’s when it hit me. The Kettle Kup was born.”

kettle kup

And its use isn’t limited to tea and coffee either: “It can also be used for preparing a fresh meal on the go – perfect for a sneaky Pot Noodle,” says Bianca.

“It can also help those who don’t want to spend so much money on take-away coffees. They can instead have a hot beverage at the click of a button – anywhere, anytime.”

Bianca is currently showcasing her invention at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, having won a Pot Noodle #YouCanMakeIt competition to find the best new ‘timesaving’ invention.