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25th Apr 2016

The Three Little Words Everyone Wants To Hear….Red Velvet Latte

As if smooth, frothy lattes weren’t deliciously amazing enough as they are, now some clever, clever people in Australia have gone ahead and made our favourite caffeinated treat even more irresistible.

Behold, the red velvet latte. Yes, you heard me.

At Sydney café The Local Mbassy, a couple of innovative baristas have gone ahead and turned the most luxurious cake ever into an actual drink. Oh, we know, it sounds too good to ever be true, but it actually is.

What they won’t do, however, is reveal just how this marvellous beverage has been created.

Posting a photo of the latte as a teaser on its Instagram page, the recipe is under lock and key, with the post saying the latte is made from ‘fairy dust’ and ‘perfectly steamed milk’.

‘It takes us 30 minutes to prep this red velvet marshmallowy goodness,’ the cafe wrote, before telling drooling customers: ‘It almost tastes like a warm marshmallowy cupcake in liquid form!’

Ok, so who’s up for a trip down under?!