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06th Nov 2021

If you haven’t put a hot chocolate bomb in your coffee, you are not living your best life

Trine Jensen-Burke

hot chocolate bomb coffee

The perfect treat on a chilly winter day, we think.

November is here, and the afternoons are getting darker, colder and gloomier by the day.

However, we might have just come across a warming and decadent treat so delicious we dare you not to go head and make one right now.

Say hello to hot chocolate bomb coffee – literally the only way I will want to use a hot chocolate bomb forever more.

It was Australian influencer Samantha Wills who recently shared the ‘recipe’ for the hot chocolate bomb coffee on her Instagram account, and the post quickly gathered tons of comments from followers who declared they simply had to test this out for themselves.

All you need is a hot chocolate bomb – you’ll find these in most good supermarkets or deli shops now, or simply order a few online, we found some here.

Then you simply plop it into your coffee cup (make sure you have one that is big enough for the ball to fit inside and still have enough room for coffee and steamed milk).

Next, put it under your coffee machine, press the button and simply watch as the hot coffee slowly drips onto the hot chocolate bomb, melting a whole in it before dissolving it completely into your cup.

If you like milk in your coffee, all you need to do now is stream your preferred milk (regular or plant-based) and pour it into your hot chocolate coffee hybrid.

Now – sip, sigh with joy and go tell everyone you know about this decadent winter treat.