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07th Mar 2016

Italian Designer Shares Chic Pregnancy Secrets

An ever changing body shape and blossoming bump can make it difficult to be your usual fashion-forward self during pregnancy.

When you own your own atelier however, those nine months are a little more polished. That’s why we’re watching in awe as Milanese fashion designer Marta Ferri breezes through her second pregnancy in a whirl of colour on Instagram.

#6MP with My #friend #osi !! good memory ❤️ #septmber at #maxiluli

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According to the Italian dressmaker, also mum to to 14-month old Cristoforo, there’s much more to her glowing appearance than complimentary colours. As she told Vogue, her daily beauty regimen relies on four simple pillars:

Keep Your Blood Flowing
“The first thing is that you really must keep moving. I don’t do too much, but it’s good to be active. I try to swim twice a week—there is a nice pool in Conca del Naviglio that is close to my studio.”

Think of Massage as Mandatory
“The other thing you must get going is having a massage on the legs. It’s very important for the veins. They tend to expand a little when you’re pregnant, especially if you are standing all day long, which I am.”


A photo posted by Marta Ferri (@martaferrimartaferri) on

Almond Oil Is the Secret to Stretch Marks
“When I got pregnant, I started mixing a simple hydrating cream with natural almond oil and putting it all over the whole body. I’m actually addicted. Almond oil is specifically for stretch marks.”

Eat Local and Eat Fresh
“I don’t eat raw fish and meat, and I’m mindful of certain vegetables and salads being washed well. But otherwise, I don’t watch my diet too strictly. I just try to moderate a bit. You don’t do too much sweets or too much cheese, but, of course, that’s not healthy in a normal diet anyway.”

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