Could we be seeing snow in Ireland this Christmas? 1 year ago

Could we be seeing snow in Ireland this Christmas?

Fingers crossed.

The festive season is almost here and, let's be real, everyone wants a white Christmas.

Met Eireann has given us a look at what to expect in the coming weeks with its long forecast for the rest of November and first week of December.

Largely settled conditions will see plenty of high pressure systems and dry weather is expected to take us right up until December.

The weather has been unseasonably mild and dry lately, but this is due to take a turn in the coming days as the cold weather creeps up and temperatures begin to drop around the country.

It is set to stay dry, mild, and cloudy until the weekend when the cold weather will start to arrive.

Any major weather hazards over the coming weeks are unlikely, with a forecaster saying things are looking "quite settled".

So, what are the chances of a decent blanket of snow falling on the country this Christmas?

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Well, according to Met Eireann, it's not looking likely just yet.

It says that from mid-November on there's a high likelihood frosty nights will be making a comeback.

So, it appears the closest we're getting to snow for the foreseeable future is icy-cold frost. Sigh.

However, the forecast doesn't go all the way up to the 25th so there's still some hope we might get to see a bit of snow on Christmas Day after all.

Meanwhile, over in the UK, snow isn't looking too likely either.

London has the lowest chance of snowfall while residents of Edinburgh have the highest chance of having their Christmas wish fulfilled, according to Metro.

Ladbrokes are offering odds of 2/1 on snow falling anywhere in the UK on Christmas Day.

While it's rare, we have seen a few white Christmases in Ireland in the past.

25 December 2010 was the last time we got to enjoy a white Christmas all over Ireland - a year that brought a cold snap we wouldn't see again until the Beast From The East shut the whole country down for a few days in 2018.

Nothing's set in stone yet, so we're still keeping our fingers crossed for a few snowflakes on Christmas Day.