4-month-old baby killed during police shoot out 1 year ago

4-month-old baby killed during police shoot out

The child's father was also killed.

A four-month-old infant was tragically killed during a police shoot out.

Mississippi were in pursuit of a blue Nissan Alitma driven by the child's father Eric Derell Smith.

Smith was the main suspect in a double-homicide case in which the child's mother was a victim.

It is believed that Smith murdered his ex-girlfriend and her nephew in her apartment before kidnapping the four-month-old.

According to the Biloxi Sun Herald authorities responded to a 911 hung-up call around 11:30 that morning and found the two victims.

They were later notified that Smith had been spotted on Interstate 10 near Gulfport.


A police chase began between the suspect and law enforcement in which it is said the suspect was driving on two flat tires.

After the car came to a stop shots were fired killing Smith.

Unfortunately, his son was also killed during the shoot out.

It is currently unclear whether the baby was hit by a bullet or sustained injuries another way.

Police were still waiting for an autopsy report to determine the official cause of death.