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25th Aug 2017

Amy Huberman reveals what fans can expect in Striking Out season two

We can't wait for this.

Keeley Ryan

Amy Huberman has revealed Striking Out will have even more episodes when it returns for season two.

The actress said at the RTÉ new season launch that they were already halfway through the shoot for the new series – and dropped some hints at what fans can expect this season.

She said:

“We’re nearly six weeks into the twelve week shoot. We pick up a few days later [after season one].

“After Tara’s personal life fell apart, she got out of the big law firm she was in and set out on her own. – and gained a lot of strength.

“Ray is still in jail, herself and Eric are on talking terms and they’re helping each other figure out what’s going on.

“There’s a lot of ups and downs, especially in her personal life, but it’s not that initial trauma we find her in in the first series. She’s found her feet a lot.”

And Amy had plenty of praise for her “strong and formidable” character Tara.

Viewers watched as the lawyer had her life turned upside down in the very first episode of the show last year, when she found her fiancé cheating on her with a colleague.

But with season two on the way, Amy told how Tara is stronger than ever.

She said:

“She’s definitely a different character, we really wanted to show her strength.

“Even though she had walked into this setup which turned her whole world upside down, she was in court that day and had to, for all intensive purposes, show strength to the world.

“She’s a very formidable and strong character.”

In good news for fans of the RTÉ drama, Amy revealed that there would be six episodes this coming series – and plenty of new faces joining the cast.

The mum of two added:

“We’re six episodes this year, where we were four last year.

So we’ve got our episodic legal storylines running through the main character’s personal life storylines.

“We’ve got mostly everyone back from last year, but we’ve also got loads of new characters.

“We’ve got about 93 cast this year.

“Maria Doyle Kennedy has joined, and she’s fantastic. They share a workspace together.

“Her and Tara are a great team together, but they don’t really work together.

“It’s been a joy to be on set with her.”