"Do f*** off": Angela Scanlon responds to nasty mum-shamers 2 months ago

"Do f*** off": Angela Scanlon responds to nasty mum-shamers

We love her for this.

Angela Scanlon has perfectly responded to mum-shamers after one left a pretty nasty comment on her Instagram.

The mum-of-two opened up about her plans for 2023 in an honest Instagram. She posted multiple photos, including one of her and her youngest daughter Marnie. In the adorable snap, Angela is smiling at her little girl who is placed on her mum's hip.

Most of Angela's followers shared sweet comments about the photo, but one called the mum out for the most ridiculous reason.

The mum-shamer said, "Maybe take your sunglasses off so your baby can see your eyes and make better connections instead of posting selfies."


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The judgemental comment didn't affect Angela and the mum quipped back perfectly.

She said, "oh do fuck off Clare with your judgement. My babe sees plenty of my eyes & loves my sunglasses – they make her laugh hysterically.


Angela added, "Happy New Year, maybe consider thinking in silence rather than always expressing – your thoughts might not be as interesting as you feel.”

Angela's followers praised her for standing up for herself. Why do trolls feel the need to target people over such trivial things?

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