Bookies predict that THIS is what Meghan and Harry will name their baby 3 years ago

Bookies predict that THIS is what Meghan and Harry will name their baby


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's baby is due in a matter of weeks, and things are getting exciting.

One of the biggest questions we have (after what gender the baby is)?

WHAT will they be naming the new bub?

Now, we know we won't find out until Meghan and Harry formally announce the name, but we can speculate.

And speculate we shall.

Meghan and Harry


Currently, the bookies odds are stacked in favour of naming the baby Diana, if it is a girl.

How gorgeous would that be?

Other names which are popular for the Duke and Duchesses newborn are Alice, which is currently second if she gives birth to a girl, with odds of 12/1, Victoria at 14/1, while Alexandra is also said to be a favourite at 16/1.

In terms of male names, Arthur and Edward are topping the list of favourites.

We love Arthur, but Pippa Middleton's baby has that name, so we reckon it'll be unlikely.

Rupert Hill, of William Hill, said:

"Royal baby betting has never been more popular and the public clearly love Harry and Meghan."

meghan and harry

"At this stage we think turnover will be higher for the Sussex baby than it was for Prince George."

He added: "The killer blow for the bookies is for the baby to be a girl and for them to choose to call her Diana."

The current royal baby name odds are as follows:

  • Diana: 8/1
  • Victoria: 8-1
  • Phillip: 12-1
  • Albert: 12-1
  • Alice: 12-1
  • Alfred: 25-1
  • Frances: 25-1
  • James: 14-1
  • Arthur: 16-1
  • Elizabeth: 16-1
  • Grace: 20-1
  • Alexandra: 20-1
  • Edward: 25-1

We'll have to wait and see.