Bride bans groom's mum from the wedding and the reason why is just awful 4 years ago

Bride bans groom's mum from the wedding and the reason why is just awful

Now, this is what you call a ridiculous reason.

Honestly, we've heard a lot of bridezilla tales to date but this one absolutely has to take the biscuit because honestly, the absolute cheek.

One mum told how she has been banned from her son's wedding because the bride-to-be had an issue with the colour of her dress.

Now, take a minute to let that sink in, did you ever hear the like of it?

We're still in shock, to be honest, and the woman in question shared exactly what happened in a very detailed post.

She explained how the bride said that people couldn't wear certain colours and that one of those shades was cream, which featured in the base colour of her outfit. Note, the base colour.

The dress features a pink and grey floral with a cream underlay but the bride has said that's unacceptable...sorry what?!


Anyway, the groom's mum said she wouldn't wear the dress, completely unfair we think but still, this isn't enough.

Writing on internet forum Mumsnet, she explained:

"He asked me not to wear it and every week he calls and asks have you got a dress yet, I reply not yet -still looking, which I am and it's still over a month away. I agreed not to wear it after hearing her throw a tantrum whilst on the phone to him, and thought that it should be fine".

However, it is not fine because the bride has now told her not to turn up and genuinely, we are shocked at this behaviour.

"Yesterday she sent a text telling me not to turn up as I will not be allowed in, to say I'm upset is an understatement and he has not been in touch".

Commenters rushed to reassure her that she's not being at all unreasonable and that this is extremely childish behaviour, we couldn't agree more.

What do you do in her situation?