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16th Aug 2019

Buying a new car? The new SEAT Tarraco SUV is here and it’s one of the safest cars on the market



Brought to you by SEAT

Anyone in the market for a new car?

Choosing a new car is always a tough decision – you’re going to be driving it for years and having your kids as passengers – very precious cargo – so both comfort and safety is key.

You want a car that is 100 percent up to the job of protecting you and all of your passengers.

Step forward the all-new SEAT Tarraco. Right off the bat, this car is stunning. They definitely do not sacrifice style for safety here and when we say this car is safe, we mean it –  this latest addition to the SEAT SUV range has been rated the safest car in its class and the second overall safest SUV based on NCAP Safety Rating.

It also somehow manages to fit a whopping SEVEN seats. You’ll be able to transport all the little ones and their friends around no problem and you won’t look like the stereotypical ‘soccer mom’ while doing it.

When it’s stuff rather than people that you need to transport, you can fold all five back seats down to give yourself a MASSIVE boot space. Perfect for long trips.

You can also get heated seats in the front row and second row – the height of luxury (and an absolute must-have in the Irish climate). As well as this, there’s also a built-in wireless phone charger available – how’s that for modern living?

The interior safety features include an SOS button – if an accident occurs, you can simply press the SOS button and you will be put through to emergency services. If the car is involved in a serious accident and the SOS button is not pressed, emergency services will automatically be sent to your location with the assumption that the accident was critical, and the driver can’t get to the SOS button. So you’ve really got a car that’s looking after you at all times.

Other safety features include pre-crash rollover assist which tightens seatbelts and closes windows to prepare for an oncoming accident. Roll-over assist can sense when your vehicle is going to roll and can prepare for this and front assist means the car will brake automatically if something crosses your path.

The Tarraco is on sale now and you can get payment plans for as little as €309 a month. After seeing this beauty, we think we might just need an upgrade ourselves.

Brought to you by SEAT. 

To find out more about the new SEAT Tarraco, click here. The SEAT Tarraco is available to test drive in all 24 SEAT dealerships nationwide.