Dad of Cardiff crash victim says his daughter was ‘everything a father could wish for' 3 months ago

Dad of Cardiff crash victim says his daughter was ‘everything a father could wish for'


The father of Cardiff car crash victim Eve Smith has spoken out after his daughter's untimely death.

Everton Smith said "nothing will be the same" following Eve's death. He said losing her has changed his life forever.

According to the BBC, Everton said Eve was the best daughter.

"It’s going to change my life, I don’t know how much it will."

He continued, "Nothing will be the same. I just need her here to get me through this. This is an impossible situation."

Eve's sister Xana Doyle was also killed in a car accident eight years ago.

Mr. Smith said losing both his daughters in such tragic circumstances is something you never expect.

Xana was only 19 when she was killed by a drunk driver.


"This is like nothing anyone could expect to go through, it’s like deja vu," Mr Smith shared.

Eve Smith, Darcy Ross and Rafel Jeanne were all found dead following the tragic Cardiff car crash.

The accident happened on the A48 in Cardiff on March 4th, but the victims were not found until Monday, March 6th.

Sophie Russon and Shane Loughlin were found alive in the car, but both are in critical conditions in hospital.

Police have been slated for taking so long to find the group of friends.

Sophie Russon's mother called police multiple times about her daughter but they told her she was "probably out partying".

Police claim they followed the proper protocols after the friends went missing.

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