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07th Jan 2018

CBB viewers furious with one contestant after comments last night

The viral star has only been in the house a few days.

Orlaith Condon

The viral star has only been in the house a few days.

Daniel O’Reilly, more commonly known as Dapper Laughs, caused a huge amount of upset last night after he made crude comments in the Diary Room on Celebrity Big Brother.

The comedian infamously fell from prominence in 2014 after he made a joke about rape during a gig.

However, coming into the house Daniel said he was most nervous about meeting former detective Maggie Oliver.

Explaining what had happened to her, he said:

“I was a bit worried about meeting you, to be honest. I got into a lot of trouble about a rape joke.

“It upset a lot of people. I knew I had gone too far. If you write it down it’s bad but the context is different. I know that you shouldn’t even discuss rape.”

Reassuring the viral star, Maggie told Daniel:

“People make mistakes, you can’t turn the clock back and undo them. All you can do is explain and apologise and move on.”

However, just moments later, Daniel entered the Diary Room with Love Island star Jonny Mitchell and made crude comments about fellow housemate, Jess Impiazzi.

“Within two weeks, he’ll be hanging out the back of Jess.”

His gross comments left viewers furious as they branded the star a ‘misogynist’ and questioned CBB producers decision to have him on the show.