Charlotte Crosby reveals her labour will be shown on TV 5 months ago

Charlotte Crosby reveals her labour will be shown on TV

She is due to give birth very soon.

Charlotte Crosby has revealed her plans to share footage of her labour on TV.

The reality star is due to give birth to her first child in the coming weeks and is planning on sharing the entire experience with her followers.

During a Q&A session, Charlotte said she wants to share the special moment on television.

A fan asked her if she would share footage from her labour on her popular YouTube channel, but Charlotte plans to go even further than that.

A fan asked, "Will you be vlogging your birth?"

The soon-to-be mum said: "Even better, it's going to be on TV."

Charlotte has been documenting her pregnancy journey since she shared the news earlier this year.


Charlotte is currently filming a TV series about her life, her journey to motherhood, and her career.

The series 'Charlotte in Sunderland' will air on BBC Three and the BBC iPlayer.

The "honest and surprising" 10-part series will air in the coming months.

Charlotte told her followers she never thought this dream would come true for her.

"A moment I wasn’t sure would ever be mine is here, it’s mine (and Jakes)."

"I couldn’t be happier to be sharing it with you all……I'm having a baby."

The reality star said she feared she wouldn't be able to get pregnant after suffering an ectopic pregnancy in 2016.

Doctors had no option but to remove Charlotte's left fallopian tube after it ruptured. It was releasing toxins into her body.

Thankfully, Charlotte found out she was pregnant at the start of this year.

This is the Geordie Shore's first child with her partner Jake.