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03rd Oct 2023

Nine-year-old girl found alive in miracle case after suspected abduction


A nine-year-old girl has miraculously been found alive after she was abducted.

Charlotte Sena was kidnapped on Saturday, September 30th during a camping trip in New York.

She was camping in Moreau Lake State Park with her family when she was snatched. The young girl was on a bike ride with her close friends when she went missing.

The young girl was doing loops when she told her friend she wanted to do one more on her own before returning to her family.

However, the young girl never returned to their campsite.

Her parents reported her missing on Saturday evening. Authorities grew concerned about her wellbeing when they found her bike.

They knew “something was wrong” once they made this discovery.

Charlotte Sena was discovered by police two days after a man kidnapped her from her home in Upstate New York. The young girl was on a camping trip when she was abducted by 47-year-old Craig Nelson Ross, Jr.

Police identified the kidnapper after he drove to Charlotte’s family home and left a ransom note in their mailbox. They managed to identify him after testing the fingerprints left on the ransom note.

After confirming his identity on Monday, officers rushed to a camper where the suspect was living. They arrested the 47-year-old and then found Charlotte hiding in a cabinet in the camper.

Thankfully, the young girl wasn’t harmed, but she was taken to the hospital as is “customary”.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul told CNN: “She knew she was being rescued. She knew she was in safe hands.”

Kathy Hochul also said Charlotte is doing relatively well despite what has happened to her.

Craig Nelson Ross, Jr. remains in police custody. He will be charged in due course.