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31st Oct 2019

Corrie viewers point out blunder as Gemma gives birth wearing her leggings


Last night’s episode of Coronation Street was daft, to say the least.

Gemma finally gave birth – while suspended 80 metres above the ground in a cable car.

Chesney had whisked her off on a romantic getaway to Llandudno but the trip didn’t go to plan as Gemma went into labour.

In the panic, Chesney pulled the emergency brake, leaving them stranded.

With the help of Chesney,  she was able to safely deliver a baby boy.

It made for great TV but many people watching at home spotted that Gemma could be seen wearing her leggings during the birth.

Thankfully, Gemma managed to get to hospital to give birth to the rest of her babies, two girls and another boy, via c-section.

This also got viewers talking as many pointed out that Gemma wouldn’t be up and about so soon after having the procedure.