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23rd Mar 2019

Ryan Tubridy pays tribute to HPV vaccine campaigner Laura Brennan on the Late Late

Jade Hayden

“Laura sat over there not so long ago to tell us about her cervical cancer diagnosis…”

Ryan Tubridy paid tribute to Laura Brennan on the Late Late Show last night, asking people to remember her dignity and bravery.

The 26-year-old HPV vaccination campaigner passed away earlier this week after a two-year battle with cervical cancer.

Until her death, Laura remained dedicated and determined in her advocacy for the vaccination. She made many TV and radio appearances urging parents to avail of the HPV vaccine, the uptake of which rose considerable due to her work.

Tubridy took a few moments during last night’s Late Late Show to remember Laura and her legacy.

“Before we go any further tonight I want to remember one of the most remarkable young women I’ve ever had the good fortune to meet,” he said. “I think you know who I’m talking about when I tell you about Laura Brennan.”

“Laura sat over there not so long ago to tell us about her cervical cancer diagnosis and she was trying to urge the parents of young girls to vaccinate against the HPV virus.

“The uptake on that vaccination was amazingly high because of what she had to say and because of the way she said it. She was kind, she was warm, she was enthusiastic, and she had a love of life and a verve, the likes of which I’ve never seen before.”

Tubridy said that he had interviewed Laura a few times about her campaign and that each time he met her, he was blown away by her bravery.

“It was breathtaking to see how she took on something really difficult and dealt with it with a dignity and a bravery,” he said, “the likes of which I had never seen before.”

“And I think the audience and you watching at home took Laura to our collective hearts… And as you know, Laura died this week.

“We are thinking about her family tonight, her friends, and we’re thinking about her legacy. She really was one of those people and I hope and believe that her legacy will live on for many years to come in the lives that she has saved.”

A clip of Laura’s Late Late Show appearance was then played, where she spoke about receiving her terminal cancer diagnosis and her reasons for wanting to become an advocate for the HPV vaccine.