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19th Apr 2023

Arthur Gourounlian reveals Blake has reached a special milestone

Kat O'Connor

The dad shared a special update.

Arthur Gourounlian has given an update about his baby girl Blake.

The infant has reached an important milestone, but it hasn’t been easy for her.

Arthur confirmed Blake has started teething and said it is breaking his heart.

The dad said she has been screaming because of the pain she’s going through.

“She’s been screaming since she had her dinner, and I think there are four teeth… you can feel it — and then when I open [her mouth] there are white dots.”

“She’s teething so much,” he told his Instagram followers.

The new dad asked parents for advice as Blake deals with this milestone.

He asked, “Do they scream and cry that much when they’re teething? I feel like she was suffering and I don’t know what to do.”

The dad admitted that he was almost crying with her because it was so upsetting to see her like that.

“She does not cry anymore — she only cries when she wants attention,’ Arthur added. ‘But she was suffering like… I didn’t know what to do. I was nearly crying with her!”

Arthur and husband Brian Dowling welcomed their daughter Blake, who is their first child, in September 2022.

Brian’s sister Aoife was their surrogate.

She gave birth to baby Blake at the National Maternity Hospital in Dublin.

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