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17th Jan 2022

Call The Midwife viewers praise show for eye-opening alcohol addiction storyline

Kat O'Connor

“Tears streamed down my face”

Call The Midwife viewers were left in floods of tears after last night’s emotional episode.

The show has received heaps of praise for the harrowing storyline including Nurse Nancy and Bernard.

In Sunday’s episode, Cork nurse Nancy meets Bernard, who is suffering from alcohol addiction.

Bernard is clearly unwell and has nobody to look out for him. He spends his days and nights with fellow meth drinkers in Poplar. Years of drinking caused many ailments, the worst being severe gangrene.

Nancy and Bernard formed a touching friendship throughout the episode, but despite her care, she couldn’t save him.

After looking for Nancy in Dr. Turner’s surgery, Bernard returns to the streets to drink.

Dr. Turner, Nancy, and Fred find him slumped near an abandoned building.

He finally lets Nancy look at his injured foot, but when she takes his shoe off his foot comes with it.

Bernard is then rushed to the hospital for amputation, where he is later diagnosed with pneumonia.

The medical staff didn’t even know his surname and had no relatives to call, but Nancy was there when he took his final breath.

She wore a yellow dress, his favourite colour, and brought some buttercups with her, which were his mother’s favourite flower.

The Irish nurse even pretended to be his mum as he took his final breaths.

Nancy’s heartwarming gesture left viewers in floods of tears.

One wrote, “Beautiful scene. Nancy showed such compassion and love. Tears streamed down my face… Bernard was heard and seen, he was not alone.”

“Thank you for another amazing episode, stories told with love & reminding us of our humanity and what matters most.”

“I was a wreck throughout – see so many Bernards through my work with a homeless charity. Takes time, compassion & resilience to unravel the potential of those who find themselves in (almost) impossible situations.”

“Bernard’s story was so terribly sad. No one should belong to no one,” another added.

Call The Midwife continues next Sunday at 8 pm on BBC1.