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04th Mar 2024

Everyone is saying the same thing about the Call the Midwife finale

Kat O'Connor

Call the Midwife viewers tuned in in their millions

Last night’s Call the Midwife finale had viewers in floods of tears following Miss Higgins devastating storyline.

In Sunday’s episode, the beloved character revealed that she had given her baby boy up for adoption when she was youner because she was unmarried.

However, in last night’s episode a surprise visitor confirmed her son was alive and well, and was even hoping to meet his birth mother.

Her son Victor arrived in Poplar and finally got to spend time with his real mother, but sadly their happy time wasn’t meant to be.

It was later revealed that Victor was in end stage kidney failure. Dr. Turner also confirmed that his heart was failing and he likely wouldn’t live much longer.

Miss Higgins ensured her son had everything he needed and was there when he took his final breath.

Viewers were devastated by the untimely loss, especially because she just met her son days before he died.

One viewer wrote: “Another superb episode. Beautiful and sad. Poor Mrs Higgins. It was so moving tonight.”

Another added: “Oh, Miss Higgins, my heart bleeds for you. Keeping that a secret for so long.”

One said: “Such an emotional episode. Miss Higgins’ storyline was so beautifully done.”

Another shared: “I love the relationship between Phyllis and Miss Higgins – the way it portrays older women as fully rounded human beings with rich emotional inner lives and friendships.”

The thirteenth season of Call the Midwife was undoubtedly one of the show’s strongest yet.

Season 14 won’t air until the spring of 2025, but we do have the Christmas special to look forward to, even if it is nine months away.