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04th Mar 2024

Mum sparks debate after throwing away her child’s artwork- was she actually wrong?

Kat O'Connor

Was this mum wrong for throwing the artwork away?

One of the highlights of every toddler’s day is art class, but that doesn’t mean their artwork is incredible and that’s what we love about it.

They’ve often come home with some pretty questionable works of art that we still praise, despite not knowing what is actually on the page.

One mum recently admitted that she throws out her daughter’s artwork, but her confession sparked quite a lot of debate online.

Claire Baldock admitted she throws out her daughter’s artwork, but surely we can’t hold onto all of it?

She posted a video of her little one showing out some drawings that ended up in the bin.

She captioned the clip: “Lesson learned: always use the outdoor bin to dispose of Olive’s artwork.”

Her followers slated her for the decision but did Claire do anything wrong?

One said: “Mum you need a being encouraging and not pushing her creativity away. Also, try saying ‘can you tell me about your pictures, or OH wow that’s amazing I love it, tell me about it.”

Another said: “Wow wow wow … never overtly discard a creation like that in front of them. If you don’t find it “worthy” that’s your issue. I’m serious. If you want your kids to feel self-worth.”

Other mums were quick to defend her: “This video is absolutely hilarious, Olive is not harmed by this interaction and I’m sure her creativity will live on.”

Another said she’s often discarded her child’s artwork and sees no harm in it.

“Those who are commenting nonsense clearly don’t have children or bring they’re children up in an untidy unorganised home.”

Do you think the mum was in the wrong or was it a harmless move on her part?